Who am I?

My name’s Sam. I’m extremely passionate about human well-being, human rights, open knowledge, music, art, conversation, and unique fabrics.

I’ve been an end (ab)user of computers for as long as I can remember. I love software, and particularly love creating solutions to problems. While software and technology have always been a hobby, my career focused on logistics, organisation, and project management.

Ultimately, I see a unique opportunity to give back control to individuals and our communities by using genuine interactions and modern software to encourage self-reliance.

This means long-term sustainability, complete ownership over your work and data, and strength without reliance on big-business or big-government.

The following features, along with my own personal beliefs and moral compass, act as the foundation for all aspects of my work.

  • Minimal: the bare minimum required; essential.
  • Functional: serves a specific purpose.
  • Practical: suitable without being a hindrance.

Thank you!

Crafted in sunny Perth, Australia.