What I’m currently focused on.


The internet has made it incredibly easy for anyone to carve out their own lane and share their artwork to the world. Unfortunately, the majority of ecommerce services available to artists are either incredibly expensive, very limiting, or too impersonal. And building a website yourself from the bottom up can seem very intimidating.

I started to change that – to put the power of independence back into the hands of artists. Allowing artists to carve out their own lane without relying on big business.

Playleft provides practical, sustainable, and personalised ecommerce solutions: giving you the means to distribute your artwork with complete creative and financial freedom. Now. And forever.


I see a future where everyone has a sound understanding of the importance of our data in the digital age and the technologies involved, so that our communities can make more informed decisions about their digital lives. Because of that vision, I decided to start an Australian based Matrix homeserver and education hub.

As a homeserver, Magaya does not offer an existing community: it provides a free, public space for you to communicate with your family and friends, or to set up your own Space (like a Discord “server”) privately and securely.

As an education hub, Magaya aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the public and the technologies that are involved in transmitting and protecting our personal data, by providing community driven, easy-to-read, open source manuals.

Energising community spirit

Despite our modernised and interconnected world, it seems the days of asking a neighbour for a cup of sugar are long gone – it seems as though we have forgotten that some help can be just next door in times of hardship.

Perhaps, on those odd occasions where you’re desperate for a coffee, but the milk has gone off, or you ran out of sugar – perhaps it’s not a trip to the shops. Maybe it’s just asking for a a small helping hand from your neighbour so that you can reciprocate the favour.

While it might seem foreign or alien to do such a small thing, it’s how and what these little seedlings can sprout that is the beautiful and amazing thing.

What can grow from small actions is a strong, supportive, sustainable, and self-reliant community. It’s a sense of security in the toughest of times. It’s the idea of “you scratch my back, I scratch yours,” but on a massive scale.

All it takes is a smile and a willingness to share.

Want to contribute or get involved? Please get in touch!